Lake Constance and Zeppelins

Lake Constance, Zepplin and River Rhine

Lake Constance is the English name of a lake in south Germany. The German name is Bodensee. The English name is associated with the city of Konstanz is situated on the lake’s west end. However, the German name Bodensee derives from early German history. The name is in association with the town Bodman.

Three countries border the lake. Germany borders the lake from the north. While Switzerland borders in the south and Austria in the east. The lake locates northbound of the Alps. Lake Constance is one of the important lakes in Europe. Settlements have been around the lake for thousands of years.

The Zeppelin Museum is a time travel back into the past where travel by airships was state of the art. The first flight of a airship lunched from Lake Constance.

During the ice age, the Rhine Glacier shaped Lake Constance finally. Around Lake Constance, dwellings exist for a very long time.

Today, many towns and urban centres locating around the lake. Friedrichshafen is the second major city and an industrial centre. The city is home to the famous airships Zeppelin. However, the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen is a wonderful place to learn more about legendary airships.

However, historical cities like Lindau, Bregenz, Konstanz, Romanshorn and Meersburg locate around the lake and offer many opportunities. Tourism is a major economic factor in this region. Millions of tourists visit the lake each year.  The lake is definitively a recreation hotspot.

So far, Lake Constance has a moderate climate. Of course, this boosts tourism but not only that. Agriculture is also a very important fact in the region. The climate is perfect for the huge fruit plantations. Innumerable apples, cherries, pears and peach plantations thrive very well around the lake. However, often the farmers sell the fruits in their own farm shops.

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