Kintamani Bali’s northern part


In 2015 I had no luck with the weather when I visited Kintamani. Rain around the clock was on the agenda this day. However, this year Bali’s weather god is with me.  Blue sky, beautiful white clouds and pleasant temperature that is exactly what I expected. Kintamani village in the northwest of Bali located is a great destination. The village locates on the edge of the huge Batur caldera. However, the caldera consists of the active volcano Mt Batur and Lake Batur today.

Even in Bali, everybody can feel and see the power of the earth’s natural forces. Bali is part of the “Ring of Fire”. Volcanic and seismic activities have a strong influence on the island. The east sloop of Mt Batur has a black colour. That’s the footprint of Batur’s volcanic activities recently. The burned soil from the last eruption shows impressively these natural forces.

The Batur caldera is actually a collapsed volcano. Over thousands of years, water accumulated in the caldera and shaping lake Batur today.

The boats on the lake and the stalls with fresh fish guess that the lake is a fishing spot. The entire area has a pleasant climate. The lake and high elevation make that happen. For sure, the best place to get a nice overview is Penelokan village. The panorama over the lake and the volcano are amazing from here. But even the road on the lake’s shore is a nice tour.

The place in 1500 m height with sufficient rain, is extremely favourable for agriculture. Therefore, you can find everywhere besides the roads little fruit and vegetable markets. But not only vegetables and fruits growing here. Moreover, the conditions for coffee are excellent. Mostly Arabica coffee shrubs growing here. And yes, the extraordinary coffee Luwak comes from here as well.

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