Ganga Island in north Sulawesi

Ganga Island in north Sulawesi

Ganga island,
not only a diving paradise

Ganga island is an island located in the north of Sulawesi. It takes one hour by car to drive to the small village with the little harbour east of Manado. From here it takes a half hour again but now by boat go across to the island. The boat was waiting for me and ready for the ride on a cloudy and windy day.

The crossover to the island wasn’t pleasant because of the windy day. However, the boat had to fight against the high waves and the strong current. Both engines ran loud at full power, I could hear it. At least lifebelt and life jacket are enough prepared on the boat.

My plan is to take a rest for a week on this beautiful island. However, the main reason to come over here was scuba diving indeed. The tropical island is a diving paradise and well equipped with a diving centre. The guys around Johann are lovely people. Always ready to help and support. Diving in the blue ocean is a great experience. All the colourful fishes, starfish and corrals are a fascinating underwater world.

The islands around Ganga are all diving locations and well visited by divers. Another diving paradise is around Bunaken island. This island is more than an hour boat ride away from Ganga in front of Mando.

During my first visite in Manado, I fascinated by the amazing and beautiful sunsets. And even from Ganga island the sunsets fascinating me again and again. It is a stunning moment when the sun just dropped into the ocean.

In the night the sky is so clear and with less light pollution it’s so easy to watch the stars. The southern constellations and the Milkyway are easy to identify and stargazing can be so emotional.

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