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Category : Botswana

02 Nov 2019
Palapye train station

Palapye in the middle of bushland

The midsize town Palapye Palapye is a midsize town in Botswana and locates in the Central District. The town surrounds by savanna only. Serowe is the next nearby city located around 30 km west of Palapye. Gaborone the capital in the southeast and Francistown in the north are the next major cities. The distance to both cities is around 250 km. Even in the first view, Palapye looks very young nevertheless the town has a long history. Palapye is a continuously […]

23 Jul 2019
A sundowner in central Botswana

A sundowner in central Botswana

Nothing special for Africa A sundowner in central Botswana is nothing special for Africa. However, The sunset symbolises in many cultures, the end of the day. The work was done and the time to take a break begins. I have seen a lot of beautiful sunsets around the world.  Each time I try to compare and remember which is the best one. However,  always conclude that it’s an endless story. Finally, I ended up in the same loop. Because all are amazing, […]