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Category : Bahrain

28 Sep 2009
Bahrain a island in the Persian Gulf

Bahrain and Manama the capital

The Kingdom of Bahrain and Manama as its capital is a small island state in the western Persian Gulf. The islands are situated close to the east coast of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. All in all, the island state consists of around 33 islands.  While in the north of the island the capital Manama with the city centre situates. In the south, exist largely desert and salt lakes only. Bahrain has an arid climate. The “King Fahd Causeway” is a […]

25 Jun 2009
Desert and car racing

Desert and car racing

Desert and car racing are two things that could hardly be more opposite. But in Bahrain that is reality. While the north of the island is characterized by the capital as an urban centre, most of the southern part consists of desert. What makes the island famous is, of course, the Formula 1 racing course. The racing course locates in the southwest of the main island. Some of 30 km from the capital Manama away. This area is surrounded by […]