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It is carnival in Tuban

Carnival in town

As like every year it’s time for carnival in Tuban. Even after so long time spend in Tuban, I am still surprised and wondering about this tradition. For sure, it’s the same intention as in Germany. Uncountable people waiting next to the road for the carnival parade. Most people come from Tuban but also from villages around the town.

Carnival in Tuban seems to be really a highlight for everyone, around today’s early afternoon. So many people sitting on the curbs, on the sidewalk and wherever a bit of free space is. The roadsides are completely occupied. I’m very early but it’s already difficult to find a good place for watching the carnival parade.

Carnival seems to be a worldwide thing. Even in South East Asia people celebrate the day of enjoyment. Colourfully dressed people in an endless parade queue, fill the roads and moving down the roads.

Luckily, I found a place where I got a nice view. However, it’s already afternoon and the heat of the day is at its peak. I hope to overcome the crowds of people and the heat of the afternoon. It’s a persistent shove back and forth of people like waves in the ocean.

Starting from Alun Alun until the end of town, the parade route is probably 3 km long. What I miss during the parade are the princess and the prince couple. But I saw a lot of couples in front of some carriages imitating the princess and prince.

My favourite theme was the tribe from Kalimantan.  I’m really impressed by the well-prepared costumes. The Kalimantan style is a bit different from the other themes but that’s what I like. The music is surprisingly very widespread. From traditional gamelan to modern dubstep. Every style of music sounds out of the loudspeakers.