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Bull racing in Pamekasan

Bull racing

Bull racing in Pamekasan is one of two places for bull racing on Madura island. It is my second time on the island. During my first time on Madura, I visited Bangkalan on the north coast. At this time, I’m on the way to Pamekasan on the south coast of the island.  Pamekasan is a city almost on the east end of Madura.  Access to the island by car is via the Bridge of Madura from Surabaya.

All the time in Indonesia I wish to visit the bull racing event. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to visit Madura during the bull racing season. Bull racing is a special thing only on Madura and is well known in Indonesia, especially in East Java. However, this year the bull racing event takes place in Pamekasan. Unexpected heavy traffic and a huge traffic jam extended my travel time dramatically. Madura has along the south coast only one road.

Bull racing, in Indonesia called Karapan Sapi, is a public event on Madura island once per year.

It seems everybody from the city is on their feet. Parking was a little tricky. Finding a parking slot close to the racing course isn’t easy. A crowd gathered on the way to the main gate. However, street marketers sell all possible stuff right and left the narrow road.

Rules are easy, teams racing against each other. Two bulls have one rider. The rider sitting on a frame pulled by the bulls. Two competitors running straight away down a two hundred meters run. Of course, the first is the winner. It’s funny to watch, how people anticipate the run.

It was hot, dusty and noisy on the racing course. After all, I have seen the famous bull racing from Madura island finally.