Botanic Gardens in Singapore

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens in Singapore are a botanical paradise and an extraordinary place in Singapore.  Singapore calls itself a garden city and that is obviously true. The city, close to the equator has a tropical climate. The everywhere lush green gives the city that unique outfit and such an enjoyable atmosphere.

Singapore is a city of superlatives. That is obviously, all over the city. In fact, Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of these superlatives. Singapore botanic gardens are located almost in the centre of the island. It is quite easy to come there. Either by MRT, bus or by taxi. Even walking is possible. Well organised is public transportation and everywhere present.

The gardens also linked to Sir Thomas Raffles. He was the founder of Singapore’s first botanical garden.

Singapore Botanic Gardens is more than one hundred fifty years old. With such a history, the Gardens show today impressively its long evolution. Divided into several themes the Gardens spread over an 82 ha huge area. Some of the themes, for instance, are the rainforest garden, the ginger garden or the orchid garden. Another enjoyable place is Symphony Lake. But that is not the only lake. There are two more lakes to discover.

However, the orchid garden is a highlight of the botanic gardens. So many different blossom shapes and different colours are hard to imagine. Moreover, the pleasant smell is a fantastic experience.

Not all orchids like the tropical climate. Some orchids especially from higher regions, like a cooler climate. For that reason, there is a coolhouse with lower temperatures inside. The coolhouse simulates the environment for orchids from cooler tropical highlands regions.

One special thing about the gardens is the opening hours. The botanic gardens are open until twelve o’clock at night. What else, Singapore’s national flower is an orchid indeed.

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