Desert and car racing

Desert and car racing are two things that could hardly be more opposite. But in Bahrain that is reality. While the north of the island is characterized by the capital as an urban centre, most of the southern part consists of desert.

What makes the island famous is, of course, the Formula 1 racing course. The racing course locates in the southwest of the main island. Some of 30 km from the capital Manama away. This area is surrounded by desert and salt lakes or marshlands. However, it is the home of the Bahrain International Circuit. Formula 1 races have been held here since 2004. For visitors the circuit is open.

The harsh environmental conditions make the races unique. Heat and dust in particular have a major impact on the races. So far, races have been run annually here.

Today the Kingdom of Bahrain is a post-oil economy. Since the oil production almost finished the economy has transformed into a financial and banking centre. However, up to the present time, oil processing and postproduction are still strong economic elements in Bahrain. That is obviously in the south of the island. There are many oil wells and industrial plants visible.

Not only desert and car racing are unique things, but also a tree is iconic. Schadscharat al-Haya, the tree of life is a 400 years old tree middle in the desert. Many people visit the tree per year because it’s the only tree in this area growing and that’s why a tourist spot today.

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