Bahrain a island in the Persian Gulf

Bahrain and Manama the capital

The Kingdom of Bahrain and Manama as its capital is a small island state in the western Persian Gulf. The islands situated close to the east coast of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. All in all, the island state consists of around 33 islands.  While in the north of the island the capital Manama with the city center situates. In the south, there is mainly desert and salt lakes only. Bahrain has an arid climate.

The “King Fahd Causeway” is a 26 km long highway. The causeway connects in the North the main island with the city of Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia. The causeway is a four-lane bridge with an artificial island on the halfway. This island is, in particular, the checkpoint between both countries.

Like everywhere in the Arabic world Bahrain has also a souq. The Bab Al Bahrain is a building and the main gate to the Manama Souq. The souq is a huge area in the north of Manama’s old business district. Countless dealers offer their goods here. Spices, clothes and even gold are available.

The capital Manama is the biggest town on the island. In fact, after the oil rush, Manama developed to a financial and trading place. Finally, skyscrapers rising into the sky today and showing the change. However, there is still an old part of Manama with an Arabic lifestyle.

As part of the Arabic world, the island has a long history. The Bahrain Fort Museum has an exhibition of findings, relics and artifacts from the history of the island. The museum is easy to find in the northwest of the island.  The museum isn’t far from the Qal’at al-Bahrain ruins field. It’s an archaeological site in Bahrain. However, the ruins hill was probably for a long time the main settlement on the island.