A sundowner in central Botswana

A sundowner in central Botswana

Nothing special for Africa

A sundowner in central Botswana is nothing special for Africa. However, The sunset symbolises in many cultures, the end of the day. The work was done and the time to take a break begins. I have seen a lot of beautiful sunsets around the world.  Each time I try to compare and remember which is the best one. However,  always conclude that it’s an endless story. Finally, I ended up in the same loop. Because all are amazing, it doesn’t matter where.

It’s still” wintertime” in the southern hemisphere. The days are cool and the nights are cold. At this time it’s the dry season in the Kalahari desert and the Botswana savannah. The time is very good for watching sunsets because the air is clear and no clouds are in the sky. When the evening comes and the sun settles down, that is the moment for really wonderful sunsets.  I assume many people associate Africa with stunning sunsets. So far, that might be true.

I think sunsets are made to release our thoughts and to relax our mood. The best on sunsets is, that they are for free and everybody can enjoy them all over the world.

Well, numerous photos show gorgeous sunsets from all over the world. That indeed illustrates that people enjoy, feel happiness or are even get inspired by that wonderful moment at the end of the day.

Breathtaking sundowner everyday

It’s easy to watch beautiful sundowners in Botswana. The widespread flat bushland and savannah make it possible to watch, in almost every place, a nice sunset. Just to discover a small elevated viewpoint. That is all that it needs. The brilliant colours and the rapidly change during a sundowner create an extraordinary time. After that, it’s breathtaking to watch the moment when the big red disk of the sun drops into the Botswana bushland.

However, before the day turns into night, the twilight distemper the sky with beautiful colours. After sunset, when the day turns into night, then starts another great adventure. It’s the right time for a great stargazing experience under African skies indeed.

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